Pilates for Hypermobility

Pilates is a highly effective treatment for people with hypermobile joints. Hypermobility is the term used to describe increased joint movement due to ligament laxity. People with hypermobility have too much flexibility in their joints which can often lead to pain, soft tissue injury and sometimes joint dislocation. Pilates can help to stabilise joints by retraining and strengthening specific muscles. At movefit pilates we are dedicated to providing a Pilates class focused on the needs of clients with hypermobility in Bedford.

How it works

Pilates for people with hypermobile joints involves various different exercises to increase the strength of the body’s stabilising muscles. The primary stability muscles lie deep in the body as well as surrounding important joints such as the shoulders, the spine and the pelvis. As the stabilising muscles get stronger, they are able to offload the major joints, as well as providing them with more stability.Greater control of movement and increased joint support lead to the re-education of normal movement patterns and a reduction of pain.

Exercises are progressed to challenge the stability muscles with use of body weight, upper and lower limb movement and use of small equipment. This is one of the only Pilates classes focused on hypermobility in Bedford.

Benefits of Pilates for Hypermobility include:

  • Reduced joint pain
  • Increased joint stability
  • Improved postural position
  • Increased functional ability
  • Normalised movement patterns
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Quicker recovery post-injury
  • Enhanced sporting performance

Hypermobility specialist classes are kept small. No more than 6 people per class. Class pace is slower and you are watched very carefully and dialogue is constantly encouraged.  All hypermobile clients are different – in their specific ways of being hypermobile, in their individual fitness levels and experience in sport and organised exercise. All are treated as individuals with their own stories to tell. We all work together to make us stronger and the classes are highly interactive so we can all learn from each other.

Day(s) and Time

Please check back here for when future classes may be available (we have had to make some adjustments due to the Covid-19 pandemic). 


Classes are £54 for a block of 6 and you are given an 8-week window to complete those classes. Should a flare up occur where medical attention is needed and time-off is required, we can discuss an alternative arrangement.


101 Rosamond Road, Bedford, MK40 3UQ

You can view the timetable for all the classes here

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