Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates in Pregnancy

Pilates in pregnancy can help you remain healthy, fit and confident with your body. It can also help with the baby’s positioning for birth, help the mum-to-be avoid the many aches and pains associated, prepare her for labour and the delivery, and the physical demands of looking after a baby.

The Pilates in pregnancy exercises are especially designed to help you cope with your changing body. Full account of the latest medical advice on contraindicated movements and positions. Anna Henderson, the Studio Director at movefit pilates, is fully certified with Body Control Pilates to teach pre and post-natal Pilates.

To ensure all women get the individual attention required to keep them exercising safely, class numbers are kept deliberately small, with a maximum of 6 women per class only.

After attending our pregnancy classes, many of our clients return to movefit pilates for post-natal Pilates classes at a later stage. Further details on this class can be found our on Post-Natal Pilates information page.

Day(s) and Time

Please check back here for when future classes may be available (we have had to make some adjustments due to the Covid-19 pandemic). 


Classes are £54 for a block of 6 and you are given an 8 week window to use those classes.

Full details on class payment packs can be found here.


101 Rosamond Road, Bedford, MK40 3UQ

You can view the timetable for all the classes here. 

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