Intermediate Pilates

Intermediate Pilates

This class involves a structured progression from the foundations built within Beginners Pilates. Intermediate classes are suitable for those who have a good understanding of the concept of Pilates and are familiar with the main basic exercises.

If you have never attended a Pilates class before but consider yourself an elite athlete or to have a high level of fitness, you would benefit initially from attending the Beginners Pilates class to learn the foundations before progressing into Intermediate level.

Day(s) and Time

Saturdays @ 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and current lockdown measures the timetable above may change on some weeks. You can check here for the latest class schedule.



Classes are £48 for a block of 6, with a 8-week window given to complete the block.

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101 Rosamond Road, Bedford, MK40 3UQ

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