High Intensity Power Pilates ™ (HIPP)

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High Intensity Power Pilates ™ (HIPP) In Bedford

High Intensity Power Pilates (HIP Pilates) is a dynamic form of Pilates combining the precision and focus of traditional pilates with its emphasis on core strengthening, coordination and balance with an energetic cardiovascular element.

Our HIPP Pilates classes are an energetic cardiovascular workout and for many people is the Pilates workout they are searching for, with a good balance of a functional Pilates workout with a fitness and energy boosting impact. Our Pilates classes are designed for everyone, and we ensure our HIPP classes are focused for those wanting to enhance precision and build core strength and fitness.

This Pilates class will get you moving better and feeling stronger. You will be building on your Pilates experience, completing more functional movements and challenging yourself to improve your overall fitness. This Pilates class provides a fun Pilates workout and gets your heart pumping. No additional equipment is required for this class, just a mat and light weights may be used. Flowing, structured sequences are designed to be threaded together to create a total High Intensity Power Pilates experience.


Build strength & muscle mass

Improve bone health

Increase endurance

Burn calories

Improve gross motor skills

Improve muscle balance

Improve coordination

Improve balance

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