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Pilates for Runners In Bedford

This Pilates class focuses on educating the spine for increased mobility whilst retaining it’s stability and strengthening the core.  This makes it an ideal exercise to complement running. At movefit pilates we offer the only Pilates class in Bedford dedicated solely to runners and their needs.

Our class approach is designed specifically to enable all types of runners to improve balance, stability and strength alongside their running schedule. Classes are perfect also for runners after a period of injury or a break from training.

Posture is a key ingredient for runners’ success and posture is dependent on working from a strong core. Pilates helps develop the core by working muscles in the torso, hips, shoulders and pelvis.  All of this leads to a massive difference in posture, technique, and stability.

As a runner, you can therefore focus on the head and neck placement in relation to your spine and pelvis. Then work right through to the legs and toes leading to more efficient movement, increased body awareness and injury prevention. Pilates is growing in popularity within the running community, and many of the leading associations and running bodies are beginning to promote the real benefits of Pilates.

Runners attending the Pilates classes love to share their running stories and talk upcoming races. However they also take their Pilates seriously!

In addition, throughout the year movefit pilates also offer pilates workshops and masterclasses that cover key areas of interest for running and other sport specialists – check out our workshops for more information.

Currently unavailable until 2023 – for more information please contact

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