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The Ultimate Provider of Corporate Pilates – for employees within the workplace or working from home.

At movefit pilates we are supporting and motivating employees to keep moving, connect through exercise, and lead healthier lifestyles during these unprecedented times.

Practising Pilates can increase core strength, improve flexibility, develop a healthy posture and relieve stress and anxiety. A Pilates programme is a centrsl pillar to any corporate wellness initiative and can help support and motivate employees to lead healthier lifestyles. Over the last 10 years research studies have consistently shown that healthy and connected employees are happier at work, and many organisations recognise the health benefits available through providing regular and accessible exercise support for their employees. The demand for this has grown substantially over the last year, especially during this unprecedented time with many workplaces needing employees to work from home for extended periods. Poor posture, sitting or standing issues, and informally designed home working stations can result in a variety of back, spine, and leg issues – leading to increasing absenteeism or lack of engagement over the longer term.

At movefit pilates we are increasingly being asked to run 1-2-1 employee or group Pilates classes via our online studio, aimed at keeping people that are working from home moving healthy, whilst boosting morale and engagement between colleagues that are working in different locations. 

Many of our clients are now fully based at home, and are needing support through guided exercise to keep healthy, engaged and connected. To support this we offer a range of formats tailored to the corporate environment and the type of work undertaken by employees. Your staff will benefit from the body awareness that Pilates provides and will support them to utilise Pilates principles in their daily working activities – both within the workplace and at home.

Pilates is an ideal exercise for any workplace as it can be practiced by almost anyone and can be done almost anywhere. Classes can be designed to fit any space requirements, from a full room to just at your desk! Timings can be flexible to fit the requirements of the workplace, and all our classes are taught by a Body Control qualified instructor.

  Options are available for employee contributory or non-contributory classes, and we can offer a free trial for employees to get things started. A tailored page can also be designed on the movefit pilates website for employees to book online – allowing simple and time saving registrations.


We will design everything to suit your business and employees, so whether you’re looking for a regular online corporate pilates class, or just a one off introduction to Pilates session to help boost morale whilst working from home we can help. 

We offer a number of different corporate pilates classes and events – ranging from mat work pilates, beginners pilates, office pilates, standing pilates & many more. All can be delivered via our online virtual studio or in person (when appropriate) 

We offer a range of workplace wellbeing initiatives, including:

"I started Pilates with Anna over a year ago, recovering from lower back injury and chronic pain. Today a year later I cannot imagine my life without Pilates. It’s part of my new me, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in similar position to me. Anna is adjusting the movement to your own personal level. The atmosphere in her workshops are great!",
"I have been going to Pilates classes for over a year now, I really enjoy it and of all the types of workout I have tried, it's the one that has made the most difference. Classes are kept small, the atmosphere is very relaxed, and Anna adapts to fit the needs and level of everyone."

Check out some examples from our virtual Pilates studio

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