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About Anna Rita Henderson and movefit pilates


After 10 years of the corporate life, Anna discovered Pilates.  She was pregnant with her first child and diligently attended her weekly classes as well as continuing self-practice at home.  She had fallen in love with Pilates!

After the birth of her son, she made the life-changing decision to make a massive career change from Head of Marketing in a City law firm to Pilates teacher – and completed her training at Body Control Pilates in London. She’s taught in Bedford since October 2015 and has dreamt of opening her own studio / Pilates and movement hub since teaching that first class on a rainy autumn morning.

Anna is energetic and inquisitive.  She loves the human body and all its potential.  She adores teaching her clients and helping them move closer to achieving their goals.

Anna set up Bedford’s first studio dedicated exclusively to mat-based movement, aiming to bring an ideal location for Pilates and other mindful movement based classes to Bedford. At movefit pilates healthy human movement is a passion – movement that is free, fluid and comfortable.

At movefit pilates we are dedicted to ongoing professional development, to enhance our education and knowledge of Pilates and its teaching. We bring this development back to our clients through our teachings, range of classes and Pilates workshops. We strive to bring unrivalled knowledge and experience of Pilates, with the most up-to-date techniques, to deliver the best Pilates studio experience in Bedfordshire.




At movefit pilates we are often asked the same questions about Pilates and how it can help people with their health and wellbeing. So if you want to know more about Pilates before booking in with movefit pilates – then check out below..

Pilates is a form of exercise designed to increase muscle strength and flexibility in order to decrease pain, improve posture and overall muscle tone. The exercises focus on the development of deep core muscle strength to give you a strong central base for movement and function – enhancing both day-to-day and sporting activity.

Pilates works by activating the muscles which lie deep around the spine, pelvis and hips which are often weak. Exercising the deep core muscles allows them to become stronger, resulting in greater trunk and pelvis stability. Pilates aims to develop a strong central core to the body to give greater support to joints, improve posture and increase power production for the whole body, leading to many benefits for all.

Pilates combines five key elements in its exercises:

1. Core activation
2. Head placement
3. Ribcage placement
4. Shoulder blade placement
5. Breathing

At movefit pilates we teach you how to incorporate these five core elements into each exercise from the beginning.You will then become familiar with how Pilates works in just a couple of sessions. Exercises are progressed the stronger you get. You can expect to see results from 8 sessions of Pilates, or sooner if you practice the Pilates techniques at home between sessions.

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