Pilates gift vouchers

PILATES GIFT VOUCHERS FOR CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAYS or JUST TO SHOW THEM YOU CARE Need the perfect gift for Christmas? Look no further than movefit pilates gift vouchers and make someone happy this Christmas with access to all classes, private sessions or pilates workshops at our Bedford studio. We are excited to be offering gift vouchers. […]

Pilates Workshops in Bedford

Pilates workshops in Bedford this Autumn. Movefit pilates launches a new workshop for people beginning their journey with pilates in Bedford. The Pilates Basics – a guide for beginners. Two seperate workshops are being held on: Saturday, 30 November – 3.30pm – 5pm Monday, 2 December – 7.30pm – 9pm Who this workshop is for: […]

Welcome to our Bedford movefit pilates studio

First blog post – and what a better way to kick this whole adventure off by introducing you all to Bedford’s first Pilates studio, movefit pilates, dedicated wholeheartedly to healthy movement and mat-based exercise! Since qualifying as a Pilates teacher in 2014, this has been something I wanted to do.  I fully support all forms […]

Movefit workshop series – 2019

Classes are a great way to get a full body workout and focus on your alignment, learn the basics, progress to more difficult exercises and improve general health and well-being.  Workshops, lasting 2-3 hours long, give us the opportunity to delve more deeply into a particular area of concern, also giving you, the client, an […]

What is Pilates?

So what’s Pilates anyway? To answer this, let’s begin at the beginning – makes sense right? The word “Pilates” is actually the inventor’s surname – Joseph Pilates. Joe Pilates, suffered a great deal from numerous illnesses in his childhood, including rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever.  Although doctors told him he would likely have a short […]

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