Try Pilates in Bedford 2020

Want to try Pilates in Bedford in 2020?

At the beginning of a new year we find many people want to know more about Pilates, how it differs to other forms of exercise (such as Yoga), and how can it best support their health and wellbeing. At movefit pilates we have therefore designed what we think is the best introduction to Pilates in Bedford for 2020.

Our introductory pilates package includes:
– access to our regular ‘Introduction to Pilates’ or ‘The Basics of Pilates’ workshops delivered by a fully Certified Body Control Pilates Instructor. 
– PLUS two further Pilates classes of your choice.

This package helps to demonstrate different aspects of this form of exercise, which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This can help to improve general fitness, full body strength, and for many clients at our studio their overall well-being. Similar in soe aspects to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on flexibility, posture, and balance. Originally this form of exercise was called Contrology.

We recommend this package to all new movefit pilates clients, especially those new to Pilates in Bedford. The mixture of introductory workshop and access to a range of classes helps clients to understand the basics of Pilates and how to get the most from regular class membership. 

If you want to get into Pilates in Bedford in 2020 – then check out our classes and introductory package via our online booking site. We hope to welcome you to the movefit pilates studio soon.


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