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Intermediate Pilates Class In Bedford

This class involves a structured progression from the foundations built within Beginners Pilates. Our class range is one of only a few of the Intermediate Pilates classes available in Bedfordshire, and are suitable for those who have a good understanding of the concept of Pilates and are familiar with the main basic exercises.

The intermediate classes extend the Classical Mat Work series of the Pilates method, and are one of the more advanced Pilates classes in Bedfordshire. This level of exercise focuses more on the bigger, stronger and at times more complex moves from the Mat Work Pilates approach.

These classes are designed to provide all clients with a more detailed and deeper understanding of the Pilates principles, our basic alignment, core stability, posture and movement control.

These intermediate Pilates classes in Bedfordshire offer exercises that can help to improve clients all over strength work through Pilates. Please note this class is not advised for anyone who suffers with any back, neck or shoulder injuries.

Our intermediate Pilates classes are designed to be challenging but fun, and importantly an effective all round Pilates class!

If you have never attended a Pilates class before but consider yourself an elite athlete or to have a high level of fitness, you would benefit initially from attending the Beginners Pilates class to learn the foundations before progressing into Intermediate level.

Our range of Pilates classes in Bedforshire are developed to introduce Pilates to new clients as well as challenge current practitioners. We also offer workshops for people wanting to understand more about Pilates – check out our workshops for more information.

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